When Should You Not Pay Traffic Ticket in Canada?

When Should You Not Pay Traffic Ticket in Canada?

When Should You Not Pay Traffic Ticket in Canada?

Hundreds of traffic tickets are given out every day in Canada convicting people with driving and road safety offences. But each ticket comes with a cost much more than just the fine mentioned on it. If you find the fine to be big and expensive, paying it might shock you more. Let’s find out why and when should you defend and not pay traffic ticket in Canada.

Jumping Insurance Rates

Each ticket is well recorded in your driving history and can be accessible by your insurance company. Each demerit increases your premium by a significant percentage. On an average, if your payment amounts up to $1500, a single demerit could push it to $1700 which is a 17.5% increase and in case of two demerits, it would reach $2100, which is a 40% increase from no a no demerit premium.

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Convictions Harm more than Demerits

Once you pay traffic ticket fine applicable to you, you will be considered guilty and a conviction will be displayed on your license. Your license would read that you were convicted for the alleged offence and you cannot go back once the amount is settled. It will cost you not just the fine but also inevitable increase in your insurance payments and would multiply your future conviction affects.

Fighting the Evidence

To defend his claim, the police officer who had issued the ticket will have to attend the court along with the evidence. There are many requirements that he required to fulfill ranging from a proper working radar device and the right colored vehicle. Not proving any one of it would also leave the conviction revoked.

Do You Drive Regularly?

Regular drivers need to take their traffic tickets seriously so that one day it does not leave you paying a fortune to get your license unsuspected. Consulting a paralegal on your stand and figuring your best option out is essential. Court process can be complicated and hiring someone who knows it inside out can give you a hassle free process.

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