Traffic Tickets are Not Meant to be Just Paid Off

Traffic Tickets are Not Meant to be Just Paid Off

Traffic Tickets are Not Meant to be Just Paid Off

Have you been charged by a traffic ticket? If not, you still ought to know a few basic things about traffic tickets in Canada and what are the legal affects associated to it. Kapoor Paralegal has been defending all tickets of all their clients past many years and can give you a high chance for a waive-off or at least reduce your charges. Insurance companies categorize all traffic charges into three major groups, according to which they decide on the impact your insurance policy might have to bare.

Minor Offences

All charges such as failing to wear a seat belt, or showing proper indicators, or not having an up to date inspection sticker all come under minor offences. These are simply on missing precautions rules and regulations, which might have caused a major offence if not monitored.

Major Offences

Negatively impacting offences such as failure to report any damage caused to highway property, or failure to stop for an emergency vehicle or providing a false license, all these are regarded as major offences and can sometimes even cost you your insurance.

Criminal Offences

Disobeying regulations on a criminal extent refer to the ones such as refusing to take the breathalyzer test, or to speed 50 kmph over the maximum permitted limit, or stunt racing. These cases are sometimes subjective and can be defended with practical reasons.

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We know how important insurances are and how a simple change in rates can significantly increase the monthly payments and the eventual total sum we pay them. This makes every ticket a crucial case and should always be enquired about its dependable strength. If you are a first time convict, there are chances of not being targeted by the insurance companies, but in case of a second ticket or more, a significant increase in rate can be predicted.

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