Traffic Tickets in Canada, Not Just a Simple fine

Traffic Tickets in Canada, Not Just a Simple fine

Traffic Tickets in Canada, Not Just a Simple fine:

Speed Limits are mentioned for our own safety and for the control of predictable vehicle movements. When we cross such limits, it may not be harmful just to us, but also to the sincere drivers, passengers and pedestrians passing by. To prevent such actions to be repeated, huge fines are charged on every number you raise above the speed limit. The number ranges from $40 for 10kmph to $95 for 20kmph over the applicable limit. But in case you are more than 50kmph above the permissible limit, no fine will be applicable. Instead you will be attending court and obliging the penalty admissible there.

Have You Been Charged a Traffic Ticket?

Disagreements happen with everyone, especially when one is being blamed for his actions. If you have been charged with a traffic ticket and seem to disagree with the crime and fine attached to it, then filing for a dispute should be your first action. Filing a dispute or any other process following it can become simple, affordable and quick by simply employing a paralegal who goes through this process efficiently almost every day.

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Should You Dispute a Ticket?

Once you have been charged a ticket, not only a fine, but also an effect on your insurance rates would have to be dealt with. Yes, Insurance companies happen to question your driving skills on each ticket which you decide not to defend against. In case the scenario repeated it can cost you not just a steep hike in your interest rates, but also suspension of your policy for a few days. And it is always better to dispute a traffic ticket rather than just paying the fine.

How to Attend the Court?

Traffic ticket courts can be quite intimidating for a few, as many hearings would be scheduled in your slot and you would be facing the police officer who charged you or in a worse case, his/her lawyer. It is better to be aware of the evidence the officer holds against you to prepare a strong case. In simple words, paralegals who are well versed with such repeated scenarios can give you an upper hand in your dispute.

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