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How to fight a speeding ticket

Speeding tickets are common and most of us prefer to pay it off and not think about it again. But there are quite a lot of benefits to fighting a speeding ticket! Find out what they are and how to fight a ticket below! Speeding tickets are something most people don’t wish to waste their time in court for. But what are you losing by simply paying off your ticket? A lot! The reason why you are advised to not [...]

How Much Can a Traffic Ticket Eventually Cost You?

How Much Can a Traffic Ticket Eventually Cost You? Traffic tickets are issued by the authorities on a daily basis in most countries. In Canada, we may have to give a little extra care to our traffic tickets as it may eventually cost our driving license one day. Traffic tickets can cause demerit points, hefty fines and also jail time in some cases. It is important for us to create awareness on how one should respond to a traffic ticket [...]


4 Steps to Fight a Traffic Ticket in Mississauga and Brampton Speeding or illegal lane changes are common misdemeanors which warrant a traffic ticket in Mississauga and Brampton. When getting a traffic ticket the number one thing that should be on your mind is what would be more profitable for me, paying the fine or challenging it in court. The factors you can use to determine this is which one would cost you more and whether you are really at [...]

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