How Do Small Claims Court at North York Function?

How Do Small Claims Court at North York Function?

How Do Small Claims Court at North York Function?

Cases at a Legal Court can get piled as quick as an hourglass fall, which never stops. To avoid perpetual delays, the small claims court was formed. Here you cannot just get significant attention on low claim cases, but can also file these cases without a lawyer. Due to legal procedures and protocols being at most important at a legal court, a paralegal guiding your process can make a huge difference. Let us go through the most commonly sought queries we receive on Small Claims Court to give you a better clarity before you file.

What Kind of Cases should Seek a Small Claims Court Judgement?

Cases such as Landlord-Tenant Issues, road accident claims, damaged goods, non-repayment of lent money, property damage, etc. are commonly filed in North York. Such cases being common in a Small Claims Court however have a restriction over them. Any case filed here cannot have a claim above $25,000. Any claim above this amount will be forgone in case you file.

How Much Would it Cost You?

Filing a claim at Small Claims Court in North York can cost from$50-$75 depending on the individual case. Appointing a paralegal can cost around $2000-$3000, which can eventually be waived off by the court in case you win. This amount will then be settled by the guilty party.

Where Do You Start?

You begin by organizing a Plaintiff’s Claim by summarizing the events and your efforts on resolving the issue but failing to do so, as to why you are seeking legal help. This claim can then be filed at the court in North York by a person or by sending a hard copy through the mail. These processes are best looked after by a paralegal, who can avoid your mistakes which may lead to a delay or even refilling of your claim.

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