Small Claims Court

Small Claims Court in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton & Etobicoke.

In Ontario, the Small Claims Court is a branch of the Superior Court of Justice. It deals with civil disputes of a monetary value of up to $35,000 (Canadian).

Our firm focuses on Small Claims Court Matters like property damage, overdue receipts or loans, breach of contract, questioned services delivered, credit card lawful situations. This is a limited list, learn more by calling us for a no fee consultation.

We know what problems and facts are needed to be raised and will develop a powerful strategy to guard your interests. Our company has a proven record of cutting-edge situations going above client objectives in these type of matters.

It is essential to view the laws and regulations of Small Claims Court more significantly, the lawful concepts that apply to your case, if you don’t, we strongly advise that you speak to us for directions.

As a litigant, it is essential that you react to claim or notice immediately. Once you receive a litigant’s claim you have 20 days to file a defense essential. Yes, this is general, but essential info because, if you decide to neglect these claims or notices, it may be registered against you. This process may lead to garnished salaries, writ of seizure, selling of private residence, residence liens and/or selling of land and resources.

By maintaining our company, your risk is reduced. It is our commitment to guard you. Many situations fail because the right problems were not brought forth, efficient evidence was not presented and/or individuals were not really prepared.

If in doubt, contact us and find out how best we can help you fix your difficult lawsuits matter before it cost you more.

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