Paralegal assistance for Refugee Board

Paralegal assistance for Refugee Board

Paralegal assistance for Refugee Board

Amidst crisis and loss of place is one’s own country it’s often very hard to migrate and find a country that can admit you as a citizen. Immigration laws are very specific and stringent for the safeguarding of that country. Canada’s Immigration laws have changed manifold to accommodate all those who have been forced to leave their country and wish to claim refugee status after they reach the Canada or before. Refugees are categorized majorly as convention refugees or those who are in need of protection.

Persecution in the name of race, religion, political views or certain societal lifestyle choices (related to sexual orientation) are a part of the status that deems you as a “convention refugee” while those who are in danger like risk of life, hostility or punishment if returning to home country or risk of being tortured are considered under the status of “Need of Protection” but different cases are treated differently.

Why Kapoor Paralegal Services?

Paralegal services are sought for in such refugee cases so that an appeal can be made in front of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada to provide you a fresh start. The claim is stronger and more likely to be accepted if you have ample legal assistance given the number of refugee cases has only risen in Canada and control measures are made to admit only those considered to be from safe countries that do not pose a threat.

Although you can claim the status of a refugee once you reach Canada or after you’ve been in Canada, most paralegal assistants will advise you to not delay this and apply/claim right when you reach Canada. It is best not to take the matters in your own hands and let those who know the law best deal with it for you, the expertise of paralegal assistants in refugee cases will help you make the right calls at the right time ensuring your future is secure.

Experience is an important part of who you choose as your paralegal assistant and your transparency will help them do what’s best for you. The Canadian Laws for Immigration and Refugee Protection are not as intimidating and the process can be quite simple or quite complex depending upon how and under which circumstances you approach the Board for the claim/appeal.

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