How Much Can a Traffic Ticket Eventually Cost You?

How Much Can a Traffic Ticket Eventually Cost You?

How Much Can a Traffic Ticket Eventually Cost You?

Traffic tickets are issued by the authorities on a daily basis in most countries. In Canada, we may have to give a little extra care to our traffic tickets as it may eventually cost our driving license one day. Traffic tickets can cause demerit points, hefty fines and also jail time in some cases. It is important for us to create awareness on how one should respond to a traffic ticket when given.

At Kapoor Paralegal, we ensure to either reduce or even dismiss your traffic ticket in Mississauga. Traffic tickets on Careless driving are most commonly fought and have been successful as well. Let us see the most common traffic tickets in Mississauga and how much can they cost you:

Forgot Putting on Your Seat belt?

Seat belts are not much for a social safety but are fully for your own. Seat belt tickets are one of the most common traffic tickets issued in Mississauga. They may not cost you much in your insurance, it may depend on the insurance company, but it may cost you a hefty fine. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that all under the age of 16 are secured with a seat belt.

What’s the emergency?

Speeding over the limit is the most common ticket issue in every province. The fine or penalty usually depends on how much you were above the speed level while being ticketed. Speeding tickets also raise your rates for your auto insurance for a couple of years, and in case you get ticketed again within the period, your rates rise even more and may eventually cost you your car insurance.

Missed the red light there?

Empty crossings can be quite tempting to drive through. But with the danger of missing a pedestrian pass by or speeding through the light before it turns red can be quite dangerous. It can cost way more than any ticket in Mississauga i.e., someone’s life. It can cost you your insurance for a couple of years as well.

Other moves which can cost you a ticket:

-Inappropriate Turns
-Parking Violation
-Careless Driving
-Driving under the Influence

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