Where should I file my small claim

Where should I file my small claim

Where should I file my small claim

Want to file a small claim? Unaware or unsure about the process?

Read on to make it simple!

A small claim is a case whose compensation amount falls below $25000. These proceedings are carried out in a small claim court. The filing of a small claim requires few general steps whatever the nature of your case. You can fight your own case and file your own documents as lawyers aren’t allowed in most places. If you are uncomfortable doing so, a paralegal can help you out. It is considered wise to at least consult a paralegal before you file a small claim.

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Where should you file your small claims?

The small claims filing procedure is a tedious one and the help of a paralegal is recommended. The claim can be filed at a small claims court. The location of this court is to be decided by the defendant. The defendant must make sure that the court follows a process which suits them.

What are the steps involved?

  •  Fill in the required documents
  •  Submit the documents at the registry of the chosen courthouse
  •  Pay the related fees
  •  Make sure the plaintiff is informed and served a notice

The documents would mainly consist of your details, the details of the plaintiff and the reasons. Make sure they are clear, and you have attached necessary proof. Keep the file in an orderly and organized manner.

After you have adjusted your documents, submit them appropriately and pay the required fees. It is also important to make sure that the plaintiff is informed accurately of what they are up against. Paralegals can help make the task very simple for you.

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