Landlord tenant

Landlord tenant

The tenant and landlords need a governing body to keep things civil! Wondering how you can get justice if you have been wronged? What are the procedures? Read on to find out!

The cases for landlord and tenants is handled by a justice forum created to solve and resolve disputes between landlords and tenants. The board has set a number of rights and rules for both parties and sees to it that it is followed without any discrepancies.

What is the process to file a case for landlords and tenants?

  •  Choose your application
  •  Fill the application
  •  Submit application

The authorities for landlord and tenants have an easy way to access the application you want. A paralegal can usually help you decide, obtain and fill the application very quickly. However, if you want to obtain one yourself, you can just visit the site and choose according your status
(landlord or tenant).

After downloading the forms, the tenant or landlord has to follow the instructions provided by the board with the forms to fill them. If you have any relevant proof supporting your arguments, you can attach them in the manner specified by the board.

The filing or submitting of the application form can be done online or by mail. The submitting of the application sets the case in motion.

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What does the hearing procedure include?

  •  Checking of the application
  •  A hearing date is set
  •  The hearing is conducted
  •  The order is delivered

The authorized person goes through your application and decides if it is valid. If it finds it to be so, your hearing date is set, and a copy of the complaint is sent to both parties with the notice to appear for the hearing.

Most tenants and landlords prefer to get legal advice before the hearing. This can be done with a lawyer or paralegal. Paralegals are mostly preferred because they are more cost effective and quicker in responding.

Firstly, neutral party is appointed to mediate between the landlord and tenant by the board. This ensures that every side of the story is known, and the decision is reached quickly. If the parties don’t reach a conclusion with mediation, then the hearing takes place.

The hearing can be done in any one of three formats: oral, telephonic or written. This is to the convenience of all parties involved. You are allowed to bring witnesses and to provide proof which support your statement.

After the hearing has taken place, an order would be issued by the appointed authority and this must be followed. If you are unhappy with the order issued by the authority who is appointed by the board which is made for landlord and tenants to dispute cases, you can challenge it with the concerned authorities and ask for it to be reviewed.

Legal guidance from a paralegal can help you get through the entire process in a faster, better and more cost effective way. They have expertise in such matters and can give you sound legal advice which can make or break your case!

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