Landlord Tenant Disputes in North York

Landlord Tenant Disputes in North York

Landlord-tenant cases and disputes are not uncommon in North York. Find out the right way to handle these cases and disputes if you are a landlord or tenant in North York, below:

The breaking of rules under the Residential tenancies Act 2006 is considered an offence. However, not all tenants are at fault. What are the steps you should take to ensure your landlord doesn’t wrong you? Read on to find out.

Filing a complaint:

Filing a complaint is quite a large step. Before you reach this, however, try solving it with the opposing party with a neutral presence. It may help you both save some time and money. If the issue hasn’t been resolved, you can still file a complaint with the governing board. You can even take the help of paralegal services to help you make a strong case.

What do you need to file a complaint?

There are a few things which would complete your complaint as well as provide you with a strong case. They are:

  •  The name and information of the opposing party be it landlord or tenant
  •  A letter describing what the dispute was about
  •  Any supporting documentation such as mails received, etc.

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What can you expect after filing a complaint?

Landlord and tenant disputes are usually resolved. However, in North York, the outcome of trying the case are many.

If the complaint is considered to be viable under the act of 2006, the case may be taken up in court and heard by a judge. Depending on the accounts of both parties, the opposer may have to pay a fine or may even be convicted.

The process of a landlord-tenant case and dispute in North York may be somewhat daunting without a good legal advisor. Paralegal service can really help you boost your chances and get your story across the right way.

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