Recent Landlord Tenant Case Filed in Mississauga and Brampton

Recent Landlord Tenant Case Filed in Mississauga and Brampton

Recent Landlord Tenant Case Filed in Mississauga and Brampton

These are landlord tenant dispute cases being filed every day in Ontario. These cases are fought on the basis of price changes, human rights, basic facilities and illegal activities. Here is one such case that can help you get an insight on the rental law.

-Religious rights violated of a couple in Brampton

This case is also one belonging to the Human Rights violation. It was only within a few months of their tenancy that Walid Madkour and his wife, who had immigrated from Egypt, had decided to move out of the place due to temperature related issues, in Feb 2015. But the events that followed after their decision to move out of the rented space led to the Landlord Tenant case filing in Brampton.

The landlord discriminated by failing to let the tenant practice their religious prayers and he would not provide any advance notice before showing up at the apartment and bring in potential tenants. Also, he failed to remove his footwear while entering the apartment and partly harassed their religion based sentiments. The Muslim couple was then awarded CAD 12000 by the court for this violation.

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What is the legal Way for Having a Tenant Vacate a Property?

In cases where the Landlord wants the tenant to vacate the property, the Landlord needs to abide by the rules of Landlord and Tenant Board, which involves an eviction order. The tenant needs to be served the notice of termination as a part of the vacation process. In a few instances, for special cases, the tenant needs to be given a certain number of days to fix the problem.

Following the eviction order, if the Landlord and Tenant Board considers the Order of eviction, then it has to intimate the tenant if by when he needs to leave the unit. Breaching the time period for the vacation of office by the tenant gives the Landlord the right to take forward the board’s order to a Court Enforcement Office. The importance of Court Enforcement Office is that, it is the sole authority that can physically force the tenant to vacate the property, and hence the Landlord by himself or by hiring someone cannot force the tenant to move out of the property.

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