How to Take Someone to Small Claims Court?

How to Take Someone to Small Claims Court?

How to Take Someone to Small Claims Court?

Small Claims Court allows you to process any claim that you may have that does not exceed $25,000. Any amount exceeding this will have to be foregone in case of a win. You usually don’t need a lawyer in a small claims court, but consulting a paralegal becomes necessary to pave an easy process. To take someone to small claims court there are a few conditions regarding the eligibility of the claim, which may be discussed further here:

Take Someone to Small Claims Court before it is too late!

Certain Eligibilities:

  •  The claim must be submitted within two years of learning the issue
  •  Certain ways of collecting the claim must already be executed, such as sending a letter requesting the amount.
  •  And of course, the claim must not exceed $25,000.

The Process:

The process to take someone to a small claims court is relatively simpler than the one for a supreme court, but however, it has its own requirements.


  •  A legal name for the person or company you are sewing
  •  A Service Ontario Account
  •  Case or reason for using in a detailed form
  •  A banking account
  •  Rate of interest on which the money is to be charged
  •  Other proofs or evidence presentable

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Once having all these in hand, you can proceed with filing a case at the court and paying any applicable fee for suing. Being guided by a paralegal won’t just save you your time and effort on filing a faulty application but can also help you save hundreds of dollars on rejected applications. In case you win at small claims court, you can next claim a fee waiver if applicable. But in case you lose, you might have to pay a part or whole of the opposite party’s legal fee.

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