How to fight a speeding ticket

How to fight a speeding ticket

Speeding tickets are common and most of us prefer to pay it off and not think about it again. But there are quite a lot of benefits to fighting a speeding ticket! Find out what they are and how to fight a ticket below!

Speeding tickets are something most people don’t wish to waste their time in court for. But what are you losing by simply paying off your ticket? A lot! The reason why you are advised to not pay off your minor speeding ticket, is because your insurance will take a real hit if you do!

How? Well, by paying your speeding ticket, you are essentially agreeing to the crime and it goes on your record. The insurance companies can use this to increase your rates for the next renewal and also up your premiums. This can end up in you paying more than the cost of your minor speeding ticket!

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How do you fight a speeding ticket?

  •  Show up to court
  •  Gather all the evidence the police has
  •  Build a case for reasonable doubt
  •  Hire a paralegal

Like they say about parenting, you will have won half the battle if you just show up. Sometimes, if you are lucky, the respective officer may not show up, giving you a full win. This can help you keep the ticket off your records and your insurance unaffected.

Before you go to court, there is a bit of detective work that must be done. The key point to remember with speeding tickets is that you have to make a reasonable doubt. Since a speeding ticket is the type of case which does not need to have a “why” to it, the officer will just have to prove that you were speeding to get you to pay the fine.

Gathering all the evidence is asking for a “disclosure”. You can ask for the officer’s notes and if they are illegible, you can ask for a typed copy of the same. If the officer has used a device such as a radar gun, you need to have their calibration records. If the gun hadn’t been calibrated recently, you can argue that the device wasn’t proper.

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If you can so much as create a small doubt that there could have been something wrong with the device, or if the officer could have accidentally recorded another car then you may have a good shot at beating your ticket.

The only scenarios where minor speeding can be pardoned for a reason is if you were either taking someone to a hospital for a life threatening emergency or if your life was threatened and you were going to a safe place which is not your home.

Minor speeding tickets can be easy to fight with the help of a paralegal! They can help you file your papers, gather your evidence and give you sound legal advice which can help you save your insurance from suffering!

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