Legal Assistant Mississauga

Legal Assistant Mississauga You are a resident of Mississauga and it’s only natural that you need someone to help you with legal issues that crop up in daily life. The issues can be anything ranging from wrong traffic ticketing to landlord-tenant issues to Small claims matters to accident claims but some sort of legal help is always sought so you need assistance to solve your problem. The party which will provide you with all the assistance you need will be your Legal Assistant Mississauga and Brampton A [...]

Paralegal assistance for Refugee Board

Paralegal assistance for Refugee Board Amidst crisis and loss of place is one’s own country it’s often very hard to migrate and find a country that can admit you as a citizen. Immigration laws are very specific and stringent for the safeguarding of that country. Canada’s Immigration laws have changed manifold to accommodate all those who have been forced to leave their country and wish to claim refugee status after they reach the Canada or before. Refugees are categorized majorly [...]

A Little Bit of Information about Wrongful Dismissal

A Little Bit of Information about Wrongful Dismissal People all over the world feel that they have been wrongfully dismissed by an employer at one time or another.  The actual phrase “wrongful dismissal”, means that an employee has been dismissed or fired and an employment contract of some sort has been breached.  It is very important that when you get hired, at any place of business, that you completely understand your employment contract.  This way, you can avoid any confusion, [...]

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